Microsoft Teams

The Chat Based Workspace

Microsoft Teams is a platform that has combined all necessary forms of communication within a work place. It often takes a group of people to turn ideas into realities and so Microsoft teams has made this easier by letting users chat, meet, share files and work with business apps all on the same platform.

Our Team can work with you to show all the features of Microsoft Teams and help your organization communicate in an efficient way without compromising your security.


Teams Adoption

  • Teams will uplift the productivity of your company in a matter of weeks. Its extremely convenient platform will enable smoother and faster workflows.
  • Our team will provide initial onboarding support for all your employees, ensuring confidence in the use of Teams. Ongoing support is also available.

Key Features

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and Power BI are all built into Teams, so people have all the information and tools they need at their fingertips.
  • Teams joins the broadest and deepest portfolio of collaboration applications and services to help solve the diverse needs of people and organizations globally.
  • Teams also has outstanding meeting capabilities where you can access your files, chat to colleagues and work on projects all on the go.
  • Since all teams are unique, Microsoft has invested deeply in ways for people to customize their workspace, with rich extensibility and open APIs.




Communicate through threaded and persistant chat with additional features such as rich text capabilities. 



Can have both private channel meetings as well as individual meetings. Features such as web and video conferencing are also available. 



Collaborate and improve teamwork with capabilities that allow you to search for content, files and people. Additionally all Office 365 apps are built into teams which makes collaboration even easier.



Teams calling feature allows users to have a dedicated phone number for domestic and international calls, whilst also including features such as voicemail and transfer.