Microsoft Copilot

A copilot experience that runs across all Microsoft surfaces, understanding your context and bringing the right skills to you when you need them across work and life. It has foundational capabilities, web grounding, and commercial data protection. It also inherits your existing Microsoft 365 security, privacy, identity, and compliance policies.

Introducing Microsoft Copilot Studio

Introducing Microsoft Copilot Studio at Ignite, a low-code tool tailored for Microsoft 365’s Copilot and standalone copilots. It unifies potent conversational features: custom GPTs, AI plugins, and manual topics. Customize Copilot for Microsoft 365, build, test, and publish copilots and GPTs. Manage and secure customizations and standalone copilots, ensuring proper access, data security, and analytics. Copilot Studio streamlines the complete lifecycle within one web experience—build, deploy, analyze, and manage. Connect Copilot to various data sources like SAP, Workday, and ServiceNow via plugins or GPTs. Copilot Studio is now available, with integration in preview for Copilot in Microsoft 365.

Key Features

New Capabilities In Copilot For Microsoft 365


Microsoft Teams

Next year, Copilot in Teams becomes a meeting assistant, taking collaborative notes and transcribing specific content. Users can leverage Copilot’s power in meetings without creating recordings, enabling real-time information sharing without retention. It extends its support to Teams channels, aiding in summarizing posts, managing tasks, and reviewing decisions. 


Microsoft Outlook

In early 2024, Copilot in Outlook streamlines meeting preparation by summarizing invitation details, emails, and documents for a quick review. It assists in navigating email threads, extracting key information, and suggesting follow-up actions like additional meetings. When selected, Copilot aids in drafting agendas, creating meeting titles, and suggesting attendees.


Microsoft Loop

Copilot in Loop offers intelligent page creation, suggesting and adapting pages from past work or crafting new ones tailored to your project’s goals. Loop’s workspace status acts as a dashboard, utilizing team knowledge to track progress, highlight crucial information like upcoming deadlines, and aid in focusing on priorities.


Microsoft Word

Coming soon, you can use catchup and comments in Copilot in Word to quickly get up to speed on document revisions by asking questions like, “How do I see what has changed in this document?” to reveal changes and revisions made by anyone who has accessed the document.  


Microsoft PowerPoint

With the new brand asset and image library (coming soon), you can ask Copilot in PowerPoint to use your corporate brand assets and leverage Microsoft Designer to reimagine them using AI-generated visuals—no photo shoot required.