Security & Compliance

The Security & Compliance center is the single step protection you will need in office 365. It can be utilised to oversee compliance for all of your organisations data across office 365. With its features such as: data loss prevention, data governance, threat management, data privacy

and many more, your organisation's information and private details are guaranteed to be secure.Our team can help tailor your Office 365 experience to meet your data protection or compliance needs, maintaining standards and activity review within your organisation.

Key Features:


Our priority will be safeguarding your data using the state of the art technology, processes and encryption Microsoft has available


The Security and Compliance Center provides the largest portfolio of compliance standards and certifications within the industry, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA BAA and NHS IG Toolkit (UK).


Enable you to view how Microsoft uses your data, how it is secured and managed. Our consultants will guide you through the various features of the security and compliance center to maximise your understanding.

Data Access

You are in control of your data. You have control over where your data is stored and how it is securely accessed and deleted.