Office 365 Phone System

Our team can provide you with a complete and modern enterprise telephony solution using the powerful and convenient Office 365 Phone System, incorporating telephony and phone conferencing systems into a familiar and easy to use cloud IM&T infrastructure. This will enable staff members to make inbound and outbound calls as well as create conference calls and dial in to other calls.

The Microsoft phone system includes call holding, muting, retrieving, voicemail and forwarding. Using this phone system you can replace your existing system with features that are integrated with your cloud. This is an all cloud based system which means it doesn’t require an on-premises server deployment. In addition, our team can help analyse usage and select domestic and international calling plans to suit your organisations needs.

Key Features:

Call from anywhere and any device

This system can be used on various devices including, mobile phones, computers and desk phones.  Using Microsoft Teams and Teams devices the experience will remain consistent and will enable you to easily join meetings and make calls with 1 click.

Call Queues

This phone system allows you to create an efficient call queue process, where when someone calls in and the recipient is not available it will automatically put the caller on hold whilst transferring the call to a staff member that is available.

Built-in Audio Conferencing

With the Audio conferencing feature you can add flexibility to your meetings with a dial in number, integrated into every online meeting.

Call Recordings

Using this system you can keep track of all calls and conversations taken place within your organisation. Calls are all recorded and stored in one place.