Office 365 Support

As well as a complete migration service into Office 365, our team can provide ongoing training, maintenance and support services tailored to your needs, ensuring the efficient use of all the features available to you with Office 365.

Harness our experience in general support as well as more tailored specialist services to ensure your unique business needs and workflows are catered to and running optimally with the powerful tools available with the Office 365 suite.

Key Services:

General and Specialist IM&T Support

Beyond a complete Microsoft Office 365 migration service, we also provide ongoing systems maintenance and support covering general areas such as Desktop support, Office 365 cloud infrastructure, access control, applications and hardware. Moreover, we can provide tailored specialist support such as technology evaluations and procurement, telephony and conferencing solutions, and modern collaboration tools.

IM&T Infrastructure & Security

We will configure and implement security policies to match your business requirements, including features such as multi-factor authentication to ensure security across your organisation. Our consultants can also provide you with a powerful mobile device management system with In-tune to effectively manage and maintain your corporate devices.

Corporate Literature and Documentation

Our experienced consultants can create and tailor IT policies according to your organisation’s information governance, data security and compliance requirements. We can also develop documentation and corporate literature with guidance and automated administration systems to suit your needs.

Training & Development

Our consultants can provide training sessions for staff to learn and understand the various features and apps of Office 365. Additionally, if you want to take things into your own hands we can provide advanced training sessions, going into depth of how to use IT Admin tools such as the Admin and Security and Compliance Centers or Azure Active Directory