CorpRisk Manager

CorpRisk Manager (CoRi)

Corporate Risk Management System

Better manage the Corporate Risks and boost the level of assurance and legislative compliance for a more resilient organisation with CorpRisk Manager. 


CorpRisk Manager enables the recording, assessment, maintenance and scoring of the corporate risks. 

Identify, Analyse, Act, Monitor & Control Corporate Risks

Solution & Supported Services



Why implement CoRi


Achieve Resilience

CorpRisk Manager enhances the organisation’s risk management strategy.


Modern Digital Technology

CorpRisk Manager solution is founded on the enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 solution for  comprehensive features and flexibility to innovate. 


Risk Management Process

The solution comes with complete end-to-end risk management process to resolve given concerns as well as build thematic understanding of recurring issues for holistic resolutions.