Whether you’re looking for an additional hand to bolster your team and skills in the short term or seeking a complete healthcare solutions provider – at Resource4u we have the healthcare professionals and digital healthcare solutions to meet your needs.

We have information analysts, project managers, board-level executives as well as clinicians in several medical specialties.

Our healthcare solutions are developed on the state-of-the-art enterprise grade Microsoft architecture. You can be rest assured for the capabilities and reliability of these solutions to grow with your business functions. 

Knowledge of NHS Landscape

Resource4U team are proud to supply its services to the public and third sector during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Make A Difference

CCGs, Trusts, Care Providers have a fundamental duty to establish and maintain an environment where the concerns about clinical care quality raised by clinicians or managers can be discussed openly and directly. Make a Difference – Clinical Quality Alerts Monitoring System offers end-to-end alerts management to fulfil this duty.

Serious Incidents

The Serious Incidents Monitoring Management System works in parallel with StEIS & NRLS as Local Alerts Management System that is designed on the principles SI Framework. The system is also flexible to develop integration with forthcoming Patient Safety Incident Management System (DPSIMS) by NHS Improvement.

Complaints & PALS

Every one has the right to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS care, treatment or service, and this is firmly written into the NHS Constitution. Whereas, the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) services require the healthcare organisations to offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters.

Contracts Monitoring

Public sector organisations have a duty to comply with contracts management professional standards for all contract awards. Our contracts management and monitoring system is developed on the principles and standards’ guidance. It enables contracts’ managers to award, monitor, review and performance manage all contracts in the register.


N365 is a new Enterprise Wide Agreement that provides significant discounts to qualifying NHS organisations consuming Microsoft 365 services such as Office Apps, Email & Calendars, Meetings & Voice, Files & Content, Task Management, Advanced Analytics and Device & App Management.

NHS Organisations we work with

Our healthcare consulting experience includes: